The Halkin is Family-Friendly

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Where can you find a child-friendly luxury hotel in London?

The Halkin is Family-Friendly

In spite of the challenges and complications of travel with children, the pleasures and privileges far outweigh the problems and pitfalls. There is so much to see, explore and learn about this wonderfully diverse world. History class may be boring, but travel to historic locations brings history to life and turns education into entertainment. Travel teaches children new ways of thinking and exposes them to different cultures, beliefs and traditions. Luxury travel with children instills appreciation for fine things in life and increases their self confidence in social environments.

It is important to choose travel destinations that are family-friendly, especially for international travel. London is a family-friendly luxury travel destination. There are kings and queens, palaces and castles and towers and dungeons. And even with a penchant for formality, the British are exceptionally accommodating when it comes to entertaining and educating young travelers.

No matter where you travel, a hotel is your family's home-away-from-home. Choose wisely. The Halkin is a child-friendly luxury hotel in the Belgravia section of London close to major sightseeing, restaurants, galleries, parks and shopping. A member of Leading Hotels of the World, this five-star hotel is contemporary, chic and totally child-friendly. There are plenty of amenities for parents and for children. In fact, young guests are treated like VIPs at The Halkin. Picture a family package with interconnecting rooms. There's champagne for Mom and Dad and milkshakes and cookies for the kids. Add plusses like a Playstation 2 console and games, kid movies and kid-sized bathrobes or teddy bears. No need to worry what to see and how to get tickets in London. The multilingual concierge staff arranges tickets for tours, attractions, performances, personalized shopping sprees and babysitting services. There's only one problem with staying at a family luxury hotel like The Halkin in London. Your family may not want to leave!



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