White Nights in St. Petersburg

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Where should a visitor stay for White Nights in St. Petersburg?

White Nights in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg captures the very essence of Russia for travelers interested in architectural, cultural and historic travel. Founded in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, the city is like a treasure chest filled with illustrious pastel palaces, colorful cathedrals, picturesque canals and delectable cuisine. Add the magic of incandescent White Nights to the treasure trove and it is impossible not to be dazzled by St. Petersburg. During the Northern Hemisphere's summer, the sun never totally sets in St. Petersburg. Darkness is not complete; hence white nights. St. Petersburg becomes a 24-hour city. Bars and restaurants stay open and couples stroll along the River Neva in the magical twilight wee hours. The International Stars of the White Nights Festival runs from mid-May through mid-July and is must-see for lovers of ballet, opera and classical music.

The historic luxury Hotel Astoria offers the perfect base for exploring the splendors of St. Petersburg and attending Stars of White Nights performances. A professional concierge staff handles the details for booking the best St. Petersburg tours and tickets for Stars of White Nights performances. Just as St. Petersburg captures essence of Russia; Hotel Astoria captures the essence of St. Petersburg. Opened in 1912, it was considered the primary hotel for Russian royalty and high society. Today, extensive renovations and updates retain the original royal ambiance with authentic Russian antiques while integrating the latest technology and modern amenities. Guestrooms and suites with large marble baths are tranquil havens in the busy city. The award-winning restaurant, Davidov, tempts the palate with exquisite caviars, icy premium vodka and a variety of international cuisine.

Don't forget, a visa is required for travel to Russia. Complete a visa support form in the country of origin and send it to the hotel. Hotel Astoria takes care of expediting visa procedures for its guests. Attention to detail and exceeding expectations are marks of the best historic luxury hotels; that's why Leading Hotels of the World offered membership in their prestigious collection of luxury hotels to Hotel Astoria.



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