Middle Eastern & African Luxury Hotels Ratings

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How are Middle Eastern & African Luxury Hotels Rated?

Middle Eastern & African Luxury Hotels Ratings

Without a doubt, Middle Eastern hotels are some of the most prestigious and luxurious in the world. One need only look at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai to see how luxury can be redefined. Don't be surprised to hear of six-star or even seven-star hotels, though these are more self-proclaimed accolades rather than measured by an independent body. No matter -- those hotels are almost always on everyone's top lists, such as the Travel + Leisure 500 or rated by the Mobil or AAA guides as five stars, for lack of a higher rating.

Here are some fun facts to take with you:

  • In Dubai, it is illegal to sunbathe topless!
  • In Jerusalem, the currency is the New Israel Shekel (NIS) or shekel for short (pluralized as shkalim in Hebrew or shekels in English).
  • Turkey has 5,000 miles of coastline, making it a beach paradise. It is surrounded by sea on three sides, the Black Sea in the north, the Mediterranean in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west.
  • The world's first heart transplant was done in South Africa in 1967 by South African Dr. Chris Barnard.



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