Small Luxury Hotel Tips

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How do I find a small luxury hotel?

Small Luxury Hotel Tips

What defines a “small luxury hotel” is kind of in the eye of the beholder. To some, it might mean a boutique hotel with 20 rooms. To others, it may mean a hotel with less than 200 rooms. The one vital thing that makes up a small luxury hotel is feel of an intimate setting, where you don't feel overwhelmed with guests or large groups.

A good place to look for these kinds of hotels is the Small Luxury Hotels of the World organization. They have over 400 independent hotels in more than 65 countries, which offer an infinite variety of exceptional experiences. Whether you are seeking a classic city center hotel, a peaceful spa resort, a rustic country house, an idyllic private island or a secluded safari lodge, SLH promises to have something to suit your needs. Hotels apply to be in the group and are carefully vetted.



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