Québec Small Luxury Hotel

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What is a recommended Québec small luxury hotel?

Québec Small Luxury Hotel

Auberge St.-Antoine, a gorgeous luxury boutique hotel in the Old Port, is unusual in that it has integrated its former uses as wharf, cannon battery and warehouse into the building. The hotel worked with various cultural institutions in the city to preserve artifacts found on the site when it expanded last year. You can see many throughout the hotel, including in your room. And, if anyone in the family is a James Bond fan, ask about Suite 007!

Dining: The main dining room, Panache, has a great view of the St. Lawrence River and serves French-Canadian dishes. The chef use only in-season local products for great results.

Spa: In-house massages, manicure and pedicures are available.

Deluxe Touch: The inn has its own screening room. You can bring your own films or see what the inn has on offer.


8, Saint-Antoine Street
, Canada
Tel: 418 692 2211



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