European Luxury Hotel Ratings

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How are European luxury hotel ratings defined?

European Luxury Hotel Ratings

In Europe, every establishment wants a favorable rating by the anonymous Michelin Guide inspectors. Since 1900, when Andre and Edouard Michelin created a guide for early motorists to find the best restaurants and accommodations along their route, the guides have become a bible to many travelers and diners.

The famed Michelin stars serve as an international symbol of culinary excellence. The guides are sometimes referred to as the “red guide” due to their distinctive red covers (though there are now “green guides” and others). What do the stars mean?

For restaurants:

* One star indicates a very good restaurant in its category, a good place to stop on your journey.

** Two stars denote excellent cuisine, worth a detour, with specialties and wines of first-class quality.

*** Three stars reward exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey, where diners eat extremely well, often superbly. The wine list features rare and extraordinary vintages, and service and atmosphere are part of this dining experience, which is priced accordingly.

The guides rate hotels as well, in a similar manner. Decor, service, cleanliness and upkeep of the surroundings are all taken into consideration.

In addition, establishments proudly display AAA Awards, Mobil Guide ratings and magazine rankings.



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