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What is a recommended London child-friendly luxury hotel?

England Child-friendly Luxury Hotel

The Halkin, located just off Hyde Park Corner is contemporary to the hilt. Staff, decked out in Giorgio Armani, set the tone when you walk in and you might think this is no place for kids. You'd be wrong though. Child amenities include complimentary cot or bed for under-16s, child-size bathrobes, milk and cookies at turndown, Playstation 2 console and games and kid-friendly movies.

Dining: The famous Nahm Thai restaurant has a Michelin Star, the only Thai restaurant in Europe to have this honor. Food and service are outstanding.

Spa: Guests may use the COMO Shambhala Health Club at The Halkin's sister hotel, The Metropolitan, just five minutes away. There's a gym, plus two treatment rooms where you can have Asian-inspired, holistic therapies. Treatments include shiatsu, reiki, reflexology and Thai massage as well as Environ facials.

Deluxe Touch: Book a Conservatory Suite on the third or fourth floor. It has separate sitting and dining areas (for six people) as well as a large work desk.


5 Halkin Street London SW1X 7DJ

Tel: 44 (0) 20 7333 1000

What is a recommended Mexico child-friendly luxury hotel?

Mexico Child-friendly Luxury Hotel

Fiesta Americana Cancun, located in the heart of Cancun's entertainment district, is a member of The Leading Hotels of the World and has earned the AAA Five Diamond Award. The resort has a secluded beach, with shady palapas and an unobstructed view of Isla Mujeres. The pool is several hundred feet long and is like a meandering lagoon. There is a complimentary kid's club for kids ages 4-12.

Dining: Families will enjoy La Joya, which features nightly live music and performances by the Folkloric Ballet four times a week. Kids will definitely like Isla Contoy, the poolside restaurant.

Spa: The spa combines exotic and ancient traditions, therapies and products of different cultures and regions from around the world. Treatments include facials, massages, Thalassotherapy, hydrotherapy, exfoliation and a variety of ceremonial health and beauty treatments.

Deluxe Touch: Families might really like the Suite Presidencial. The two-bedroom suite has a dining room, entertainment areas and a large living room. There's a private terrace with swimming pool, lounge furniture and ocean view. You never have to leave if you don't want to!


Blvd. Kukulkán km. 9.5
Cancún Hotel Zone
Cancún, Q.R.,77500, México
Tel.: +52 (998) 881 32 00

What should I look for in a child-friendly luxury hotel?

Child-friendly Luxury Hotel Tips

Child-friendly and luxury are by no means mutually exclusive terms at many world-class resorts! There is no reason you can't have luxurious rooms, fabulous amenities, fine dining, spas, plus enough activities that are family-friendly. Look for luxury family resorts that have high ratings, but also offer the following:

  • Large suites or connecting rooms. Sometimes you can even get your own private pool, which the kids will love.
  • Pools on the property that are exclusively for children or families.
  • Children's menus or kitchens willing to cater to picky eaters.
  • Modern kid's clubs, with plenty of activities for all ages when adults and kids want time apart.
  • Activities such as movie nights or music nights that the whole family can participate in.
  • Special treatment for kids when checking in, such as gift baskets stocked with toys and kid-size robes.

What is a recommended U.S. child-friendly luxury hotel?

United States Child-friendly Luxury Hotel

The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa is as much a water theme park as a hotel. It is a dream of a child-friendly luxury resort. It has nine pools connected by a river with a current, six waterfalls, five waterslides and a water elevator! The kid's club, called Camp Grande, offers full day, half-day and night sessions for kids ages 5-12. Besides visiting the pools, kids do crafts, go on nature walks and have a 20,000-square-foot facility packed with activities. Good luck getting your kid to leave! The resort has made the Conde Nast Traveler Gold List several years running.

Dining: Kids will love just trying to say the name of this restaurant that floats on a lagoon: The Humuhumunukunukuapua. Seafood is the order of the day here.

Spa: Spa Grande is well, very grande. And an unusual offering, spa treatments for kids, is offered. Take your child for their first massage in the family suites (everyone wars bathing suits) or for a pedicure or manicure.

Deluxe Touch: The 40-acre property is simply over the top. The beautifully manicured grounds, with artwork by Léger, Warhol, Picasso, Botero and Hawaiian artists, is a delight to walk through. The pools are amazing and there's even a water elevator to take you to the top of a water slide!


3850 Wailea Alanui Drive
Maui , Hawaii

Tel: 808 875 1234

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