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What are some Australia & New Zealand travel facts?

Australia & New Zealand Luxury Hotel Tips

Australia and New Zealand have more than their fair share of luxury hotels, but there's not enough room here to do them all justice. Before you make a trip, here are some facts to take with you about a few of the major cities.

Sydney is Australia's oldest and biggest city and considered the “Gateway to Australia.” The city is on one of the world's most stunning harbors, which extends on either side in a golden chain of easy-to-reach, inner-city beaches. All of its great attributes are close to the city center, from beaches to national parks.

Melbourne , the capital of the state of Victoria, is set around the shores of Victoria's Port Phillip Bay and boasts a lively and cosmopolitan vibe. The city sits on the Yarra River, about 3 miles from the bay.

Auckland is New Zealand's largest population center and is located between two enormous harbors and dotted with extinct volcanic cones. Auckland acts as a gateway to New Zealand and visitors can explore the islands of the Hauraki Gulf by ferry or charter boat, walk the forest tracks of the Waitakere Ranges, follow wine trails and enjoy the sea.

What is a recommended New Zealand luxury hotel?

New Zealand Luxury Hotel

The Langham Hotel Auckland, New Zealand is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and is a popular leisure hotel for international visitors. Langham Hotels always go out of their way for their guests.

Dining: Partingtons is the current 'New Zealand Restaurant of the Year,' an achievement awarded at the 2006 New Zealand Culinary Fare. Try the nine-course Degustation Menu, which changes on a regular basis, complemented by carefully chosen wines to match.

Spa: A roof-level health club features modern gym equipment, weights, saunas, a heated outdoor swimming pool and a Jacuzzi. Additional services, including a masseuse and beauty therapist, are available.

Deluxe Touch: Stay in the Club Rooms, which include access to the lounge which has espresso coffee, tea and homemade treats available throughout the day. The hotel will press three garments per person on arrival. There is Butler service for the duration your stay, including assistance with packing and unpacking and a shoe shine service.


Langham Hotel Auckland

83 Symonds Street, PO Box 2771
Auckland 1, New Zealand
Tel: 64-9-379-5132

What is a recommended Melbourne luxury hotel?

Melbourne Luxury Hotel

The Lyall Hotel and Spa in South Yarra, Melbourne is a luxury hotel located in one of Melbourne's most exclusive areas. It is a member of the Luxury Small Hotels of the World and has won many awards.

Dining: Check out the Lyall Champagne Bar. It has a huge selection of champagnes and wines by the glass. A full bar is available and signature hors d'oeuvres.

Spa: The Lyall Spa offers a variety of therapies for the face and body, using natural products and specialist equipment with personalized one on one service.

Deluxe Touch: Each floor has a mini-art gallery on featuring the original art of local French artist Thierry B and a lounge with a fireplace.


14 Murphy Street, South Yarra
, Victoria
Tel: +61 3 9868 8222

What is a recommended Sydney luxury hotel?

Sydney Luxury Hotel

BLUE Sydney, on the Wharf at Woolloomooloo (a TAJ hotel), enjoys spectacular views of the harbor and Royal Botanical Gardens. A Condé Nast Traveler "Gold List" award winner, BLUE Sydney is a boutique hotel in the heart of a marina, entertainment and apartment complex. The business and shopping district, Sydney Opera House and adjacent to the Royal Botanical Gardens are also within easy walking distance.

Dining: The Water Bar offers a choice of spirits, cocktails and mocktails. Lounge on the banquettes or lie back on the vast ottomans. A casual eatery is available as well.

Spa: Spa Chakra has worked with the legendary Guerlain Institute in Paris to create luxurious and effective facials as well as hand and foot therapies.

Deluxe Touch: Book the Ultra Loft Suite Bay with city views. There's a lounge with sofa downstairs and a deluxe bathroom with King bed upstairs. The view can't be beat.


The Wharf at Woolloomooloo

6 Cowper Wharf Road, Woolloomooloo 2011
NSW, Australia
Tel: (+61-2) 9331-9000

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