Barbados Luxury Hotel

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What is a recommended Barbados luxury hotel?

Barbados Luxury Hotel

Sandy Lane has been a vacation spot for royalty, movie stars and many of the business world's most discerning personalities since 1961.

Dining: Sandy Lane was once a dense mahogany grove. Two hundred and fifty years later, several of the trees remain in front of the terrace to L'Acajou, which is the French translation for mahogany. The menu showcases the freshest island seafood, local delicacies and the best of imported products.

Spa: Treatments are offered in the Hydrotherapy and Jet Blitz rooms, as well as regular massage rooms. A Hydrotub offers some fantastic features, such as, steam, hydrofusion, vibratory massage and chromotherapy.

Deluxe Touch: Guest services include packing and unpacking service, 24-hour pressing service, nightly treat, personalized private bar, personalized in-room registration, Bentley and arrangement of luxury car transfers.

St. James, Barbados
Wet Indies
Tel: 246-444-2000



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